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socks and cat

Have I been hacked?

Earlier today my computer somehow rebooted itself. When I logged back in I had been signed out of everything that I normally stayed logged into. All my e-mail accounts were logged out. My FaceBook was logged out. Even my LJ which I'm always logged into was logged out.

Should I be concerned?


It sounds like Windows probably did an automatic update that required restarting your machine. When that happens, yes, it's typical for everything to be logged out. You should be ok.
I've seen windows restart my machine before but I don't recall it ever logging me out of anything when it restarts.
Yeah, it's been happening to me on my new machine, too. Maybe it's a new "feature" of Windows updates?
If you can't log in then you have been hacked, if you just get logged out, it means the cookie expired and or was invalidated some other way.