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socks and cat

found it

I believe I may have found the perfect mp3 player for me:

It's the Sansa Fuze. It gets great reviews online and is so popular at Best Buy that they are actually sold out! And it holds 8gb for about $80. They are expecting a new shipment of them in by Thursday.

It appears that it actually lets you create subfolders which is what I need from an mp3 player more than anything. If for some reason if it doesn't it turns out Best Buy actually lets you return electronics even after you open them. Had I purchased my Zen mp3 player from Best Buy instead of Amazon I could have returned it when I found out it can't do subfolders. Guess what Amazon, you just lost me as a customer forever. Hello Best Buy, I will be making ALL of my electronics purchases from you from now on.


I did notice Best Buy charges slightly more than other places. But Best Buy is also the only place I know of that lets you return it after you open it if it doesn't do what you want it to do. And given by bad experience with the Zen (I had to sell it brand new at a $50 loss) I would rather pay more to purchase from a store that accepts opened returns than get a bargain and be stuck with it like I was with the Zen.