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socks and cat

It hurts but I like it

I had some energy to burn tonight so I weeded through my closet to try and put together a new costume for when I'm go-go dancing at the costume ball night at the Vogue this Saturday. I have this chainmail top that I always wear over a dress much like the model is doing in this picture:

I took the chainmail top and paired it with a tiny PVC bikini top and a chainmail hip belt, my new pink and purple dread hair falls and other belly dance bits and pieces to make a goth belly dance costume. I'll most likely complete this with stompy lace up gothy boots:

The only drawback to this costume idea is that wearing the chainmail top over skin instead of over a dress means the weight of it digs into my neck and will hurt by the end of the night. I wish I had a swatch of soft, fake fur to stuff under the part that will dig into the back of my neck...but I don't. Any suggestions as to what I could layer between the chains and the back of my neck so this costume doesn't hurt me?


Maybe a wide cloth choker style necklace? Black would keep with the theme and idea, and provide something for the chain to rest on.
Painful - yes. But also quite stunning.

Thanks, I'm loving this costume!
You look like something out of a Boris Vallejo or Julie Bell painting. You should pose.
That means a lot to me because when I was a skinny little geeky wimp in high school I dreamed of looking like a Boris Vallejo girl!
I was going to say Duct tape it, but then, your hair might get stuck to it...but it's still a last minute option...
I have a ton of black duct tape, that might just work.
It looks much better than it did over your dress. The arm warmer fur, stripes, and polka-dots are hella clashy though and don't work at all. I usually keep my mouth shut when you do that, but I have to say something this time.

Also, isn't the Vogue costume ball doing a horror theme? What are you going to do for that?
I do have a sheer skirt with no print. I'll try that on with the costume Saturday night and see if that works.

I thought the theme was a suggestion. I didn't know we had to stick with it. I mean if it said "horror night" I would feel the need to stick with the theme but they're calling it a "costume ball" with a horror theme so I figured if we don't like horror we could wear whatever costume we want. Am I wrong?
no, I don't think you're wrong, but as a go-go dancer I would try to fit the theme. It is what I would expect the staff and dancers to do. Vampires fit with horror. You could also wear that cool blood choker.
Roxy just sent this out:

"This is a costume Ball all costumes welcomes says house of horrors that just the name of the event to bring out all costumes! Cash Prizes and so much more!!"

But you're right, I should fit the theme. I'll choose a different belly dance costume that does not involve having my neck covered with chainmail so that I can wear the bleeding choker that makes it look like my throat has been cut. I'll be a throat slashed belly dancer.