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Kitten behind bars

I have assimilated another one!!!

Everyone please pop over to ahboodahbee's journal and wish him a warm welcome to Live Journal. He's been my friend for years and today I brought him over to the dark side. Here's hoping that he becomes a Live Journal addict just like me!

Oh yeah...and he looks fabulous in drag!


Thank you!

CK, I can't beleive how shy I am to even post this little comment! My goodness. You're so courageous for opening up and sharing yourself and your life online like this! I'll try and perhaps learn how to be a bit more open. And I thought I was open! HAH!

Re: Thank you!

Thanks! I think you'll find that for the most part people on Live Journal can be kind and supportive and validating. And the more so they the more you'll want to post.


Cagekitten, do you like guys in drag?

Please show the pictures of ahboodahbee in drag.


#1 - Hi, welcome to my LJ, who are you?

#2 - I can't post them without his permission. You'll have to ask HIM.