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Can a steampunk saloon girl wear a top hat?

I'm volunteering at the Wanderlust Steampunk formal party on Saturday night. It's a huge posh event with 300 people attending and I'll be the girl carrying around trays of food for everyone. This will be my first time wearing my steampunk saloon girl costume that I put together with lots of different pieces from etsy.com, The Pyramid Collection and Bebe. But I don't know how to put my hair up like a saloon girl, so it would make this costume a lot easier if I just wore a top hat. Trouble is, saloon girls didn't wear top hats. But maybe it doesn't matter since steampunk is just fantasy anyway and there is no right or wrong.

Behind the cut below are two pics of the costume, one with and one without the hat. Can I get away with the hat or is it too much? Warning, the pics are HUGE so you can see the details of the costume right down to the black ostrich feathers and the multiple layers of lace and satin ruffles.

Clicky to see costume:

With hat:

Without hat:

Does this saloon girl costume work with the top hat?

No, leave the top hat home
Other, will post comment

If you are wondering what that fluffy thing around my shoulders is, it's this:


The hat makes the outfit., It draws focus to your eyes and it gives you a playful...forgive me "sassy" look.
Works both ways. You look great.
i think you can do either or. it's very cute either way.
Definitely with.
I like the hat! And I seriously doubt there was ever a saloon girl pink hair, so it is more fantasy than period accuracy anyway.
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