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socks and cat

I want to host a goth/steampunk flea market in the studio - how can I make this work?

I would like to use my dance studio to host a one time goth/steampunk rummage sale. Basically an indoor garage sale where everyday people (not professional vendors) can come and sell their used stuff from their closets all flea market style. I would like to be able to do this at no charge to the people vending since they will be selling their things cheap. But I do have one major problem: I don't have card tables to set up for them to display their stuff or any portable rolling racks. The clothing racks cost about $20 and the card tables cost about $30, so I wouldn't be able to let people vend free of charge if I purchased these items. And I don't expect people to want to pay $30 (for a table) just to sell stuff garage sale style. And I don't imagine people are going to want to pile their items on the floor and sell them that way either.

Renting some place else for the sale (that already has tables) would force me to charge vendors to cover the cost and would discourage regular non professional vendor people from vending at the sale. So that wouldn't work either. How can I make this work?


Here is a place to rent tables for like $7, you can probably shop around and find a better price.

Borrow tables from friends, and ask vendors to bring tables if they have them.
In New Zealand, if you asked nicely (and especially if you knew who to ask) you'd be able to get them loaned free from a school or church or other community-oriented hall. Things are culturally a bit more mercenary here, so I don't know if that would work, but even if no-one was ok with free, I imagine they'd be more than reasonable on the rental fee.
Another option may be to buy tables and eat some or all of the cost as an investment in enabling a greater range of future for-profit parties and events at your venue.
A lot of ballroom studios have lots of tables and chairs, and have constant use for them. (But for the invest-in-studio approach, you'd want versatile tables - tables that are nice to sit at, not ugly etc.)
Sadly, I have no storage space for tables. Otherwise I could see that as a good investment.
Could try searching craigslist and freecycle.