Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Excuse me, would you happen to have a pair of pliers on you?

Found this picture of me on the SeaGoth board today, it was taken on Tuesday at Die at the Mercury. I can see why everyone was asking me all night what was wrong and if I was okay. I look kind of forlorn. What can I say? It's been a rough couple of weeks.

at Die

The sad thing is you can’t see the beautiful necklace I was wearing. I pretty much put the entire outfit together to showcase the necklace that I love so much. The link below has a close up of it as well as a story about all the trouble it caused me Tuesday night.


l00p is talented and proficient at a great many many things. But jewelry repair may not be one of them (sorry Loop!). The necklace above did not come with the ankh but rather a gaudy heart with a rhinestone in it. I removed the heart and was adding the ankh when L00p took over and showed me a new way to close the steel loop that I was not familiar with.

I was in my car and on the way to the Mercury Tuesday when I first felt the ankh fall off the necklace and fall down into my cleavage. I pulled the car over and took off the necklace only to find that the loop that held the ankh had not been closed completely. It seemed too far to go home so I slipped the ankh back on and hoped for the best. It proceeded to fall off between 8 to 10 times the rest of the night. In between digging out the ankh from beneath my corset between my breasts and constantly watching the damn necklace to make sure the ankh was still there, I made a habit of asking all my male friends if they happened to have a pair of pliers on them (so I could fix it).

The last straw was when I was dancing to one of my all time favorite songs and the ankh once again fell off. I realized the stupid thing was ruining my night because I couldn’t even dance to my favorite song. So I did the one thing I wanted to avoid doing…especially since I already have a chip in my front tooth. I put the ankh back on and used my teeth to close the metal loop that held it. I was fiddling with it more in front of a candle (for light) when a guy named Josh asked me if I was having a jewelry problem. I didn't know him but he recognized me as one of the go-go dancers for Utopia because his brother (or was it his cousin?) was the DJ there. “Yes I am,” I said. “I don’t suppose you have pliers on you?” He promptly whipped out a pair of pliers. Dammit! I probably damaged my teeth just moments too late. But it’s nice to know at least SOME men come to a club prepared.

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