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socks and cat

casual steampunk

My steampunk costumes are pretty formal like this one. For a coffee house steampunk meet up last night I needed something less steampunky (to blend in with the folks who did not dress up) and more casual (hello it's coffee, not a ball). So I sorted through my closet and pulled together these pieces for a more casual not as steampunk but still sort of steampunk look:


Thank you! It's the first chance I've had to wear thsoe steampunk boots since I purchased them in December.
Very classy.
Personally I don't equate showing midriff as being "formal". What you wore yesterday is more formal and classy. The other outfit is more of a costume. Something you wouldn't wear on the street. I have to say I like what you wore yesterday better and I think it looks MORE steampunk than your belly-dance costume.
From what I've seen of steampunk on the internet, this outfit seems much more on target for what steampunk "is". I thought the belly dancing one was inventive, but I never quite understood how it fit into steampunk fashion.

This outfit, by comparison, is spot-on. Good job!
When it comes to costumes I like to have something that is different and expresses my personality. The belly dancer expresses the goddess part of my persona. And the fact that no one else is dressed as a belly dancer at steampunk events means I will have one of the most unique costumes there. So I love that costume because it achieves both of my costume goals.

Also, if you haven't seen steampunk belly dancers on the net then you just haven't been looking in the right places ;) See below:

I think what is missing from your bellydance costume to make it seem steampunk is that it lacks anything utilitarian.
I'm open to suggestions!
Those boots are awesome!