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socks and cat

My legs are still sore from a lower body workout I did at home on Wednesday. Should I wait until they don't hurt anymore or can I go ahead and work out again today? I'm having trouble imagining working out when they still hurt this much. But I'm trying to build some muscle.


Working out

When I work out, I rotate the muscle groups. For example: arms one day, legs another, walking another day, yoga some other. Do something different each day, but set up a routine and give the muscles a little time to relax.

Re: Working out

Already covered. Legs were Wednesday and upper body was Thursday. But now that it's Friday and my legs still hurt, can I do legs again?
Just give those muscles a day off then resume your regular schedule with lower intensity if they are still sore. The increased bloodflow will probably make them feel better. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids. You just stated working out so feeling sore for a few days isn't necessarily a warning sign, you just worked out a little too hard but you'll get stronger so it will be harder to hurt yourself like that again in the future. If it keeps happening make sure you're getting proper rest and nutrition and not pushing yourself too hard or injuring yourself.