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Willow & Tara kissing

Via the Associated Press...

WASHINGTON – Hospitals that accept Medicare and Medicaid payments must let patients choose which persons, including gay and lesbian partners, can visit them and help make critical health decisions, President Barack Obama said Thursday.

To which Cage Kitten says...hells yes!


You need DPOA, POLST and all your ducks in a row = (written legally and clearly in places where it matters that healthcare professionals can easily access) I don't have these things in place yet, and honestly, it could be challenged if Michael tried to make certain decisions or if someone challenged his 'presence' in my life. Doesn't matter if your gay or not, if there is challenge (which can vary from health care provider to health care provider) you need to have it in writing.
Now if onlybwe could get into the military.....
The "hells yes" was more about seeing the president stand up for the rights of GLBT's. I think I read something about discrimination in the armed forces also being next to topple. Feels great to see equal rights start to happen for real.