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socks and cat

Good for Britney

Britney Spears released the UNretouched version of her Candies ad photo shoot - showing cellulite and all. I've always liked her but she definitely just went up a notch in my book.

Most women don't look like the Hollywood stereotype Playboy centerfold model body. At least not after the age of 30. If you're over the age of 27 and you don't have at least some cellulite then you're a genetic freak (in a lucky way) or you just have an insane health regimen and workout like a mad woman (like celebrities do).


In general, I've never been a big fan of her but I have to respect for this!
D: they even made her arms skinnier! boo!
I sure wish they didn't airbrush everyone in pop culture and in the media. If they put real women in the spotlight instead of their air-brushed fakes, maybe people wouldn't have so many body complexes! If more stars released their photos like this and we saw less airbrushing, maybe people would quit mutilating their bodies with plastic surgery and liposuction.

I do have to say that my mom was one of the lucky "freaks". She had two kids and never had any cellulite that I could see!
Jamie Lee Curtis also once let a magazine publish a pic of what her body looks like now that it has aged. She basically looks like what a normal woman would look like at her age. Not everyone can look like Demi Moore when they turn 47! Here is Jamie young and then older:

Cellulite, a.k.a. Computer Butt!

I noticed my first cellulite when I was 26, around 6 months after I got my first home computer with internet capability and started spending every spare moment geeking out on the internet. One of my friends who was several years younger started noticing the same thing 3-4 months after she got herself a comp and acquired the net-addiction herself. Thus the condition was named!

We were both considered slightly underweight for our heights and in good health too! It's just something that a female body does! And for record, I still have little ripples on the backs of my thighs, but pretty much any guy I know will tell me I have a "great ass!"