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socks and cat

Is there a connection here?

Just got back from seeing a new chiropractor due to some extremely nasty pain paralyzing my neck. After taking an x-ray the doctor showed me where, on one of my neck vertebrae, I have grown a bone spur due to unusual wear and tear. The spur can press into the nerves and cause these painful immobilizing flare ups on occasion. Icky. He also explained something about not enough flow to and from my brain stem which I didn't completely understand. I couldn't help but wonder if it has anything to do with my inability to concentrate on anything for more than 2 seconds.

After the adjustment he sent me home with instructions on how to heat and ice my neck (instead of going out tonight I'll be sitting home with ice packs on my neck). I also noticed that immediately following the adjustment one of the issues that was stressing me out so badly no longer had the same effect. It's not as painful or scary any more when I think about it. It's just kind of there. After the adjustment I don't have any strong emotional connection to it and therefore WAY less stress. I wonder, have there been any studies about the connection between spinal nerve compression and stress/depression?

I neglected to tell this doctor that the night before my neck spontaneously did this I was actually jumping up onto and hanging upside from a dancing pole...several times...over and over. The subject just didn't come up. I would prefer to be seeing my old chiropractor from last year. He's already fully aware of my go-go dancing and pole dancing life style, he seems to find it mildly amusing, and I don't feel like I have to hide anything or explain myself there. And my massage therapist there used to be a stripper, so she's totally understanding and loves to hear my go-go and pole dancing stories. Once I have an insurance plan that permits it, I can return to that chiropractor.


Sorry to hear it - I'm doing the heating pad and ice thing tonight myself. :-/ Tomorrow I'll go out to the catwalk, but my dancing may be a bit more restrained than normal...

Nerve pain certanly does have an effect on stress and mood, no denying it.

I need to be at the Catwalk as well because the Burlesque group that I'm entering a contest for in two weeks will be performing there tomorrow night. I can't enter a burlesque contest if I've never seen a burlesque performance. That just wouldn't work. Plus my roommate's band is playing there tomorrow night. So I'll be there. Probably no dancing. But I'll be there.
Will see you there then - looking forward to it. Mmm, burlesque. The troop that performed at the erotic arts fest was really quite fun...
Don't know if there've been studies on spinal nerve compression and stress/depression (after all, the AMA tends to look on Chiropractors as something akin to witch doctors), but it certainly makes sense. A lot of depression is based in brain chemicals, after all, and spinal nerves are going to be intimately tied into the regulation of those chemicals...
Actually, the thought makes me think that perhaps having a chiropractic visit every once in a while might be helpful for other things than my back.
I've a friend whose partner is a chiropractor in Olympia -- I'll see if he knows anything.


It is helpful for other things other than your back. Don't forget that all the nerves that run from your brain to your organs go through the spine. So a compressed nerve or subluxated vertebrae can effect every organ in the body. It can effect your appetite, your energy level, your sex drive, your blood flow, everything.

Once I have an insurance plan that permits it, I can return to that chiropractor.

Woo! My plan covers it! Now all we have to do is get married!


All plans in the state of Washington cover it. At least I think so, I think it's required. However not every plan lets you choose your chiropractor. The one I have now chooses for me, so I can't go back to my favorite one (who is also 5 minutes from my door instead of 20 like the new one).

Sorry, you'll have to come up with something better than that to get me down the isle. ;)


Mine lets you choose your chiro. :D

Oh, it covers any acupunturist, too.


Wouldn't it just make more sense for me to marry my chiropractor!?


-doh- I think you got me, there.