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socks and cat

costume store

I made a quick trip to Costume & Display tonight and was surprised by the number of steampunk items they carried. They had some beautiful steampunk buttons and also some very expensive steampunk goggles they kept in a glass showcase. I also found a toy AK-47 that makes noise when you shoot it for only $12. That might be the way to go for my zombie hunter costume since I doubt I'll have the time or focus to mod a nerf gun.

Also, rhinestone tiaras cost less than I thought. I want one. They even have a copper one just in case you want to be a steampunk princess.


You don't want an AK-47, you want an AK-74.

Yes, the same guy who designed the AK-47 in 1947 designed another weapon in 1974 and it was widely adopted by Soviet Bloc companies. And his initials were AK.
As long as it will blow the heads of zombies, I'm happy!