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socks and cat

Where can I find girly armor?

I would like to go to Dragon Con for the first time this year. Normally my costumes are unusual and tastefully sexy enough to be the head turner at every event I attend. Such will not be the case at Dragon Con. Just by searching Dragon Con pics on Google and I can see that I am out of my league costuming wise. And since I can't sew, making a costume on par with other costumes at that event may be challenging.

I'm thinking white fairy. Kind of like this girl:

I would also like to put together a sexy warrior costume using the metal bra I wore to Norwescon, but adding more armor and chainmail. Googling armor for women didn't turn up much. Where can I find warrior princess type armor, feminine yet bad ass at the same time?


THE head turner, eh?
Much like the costume you have on in THAT icon!
Just saying you aren't the only head turner. ;)
Didn't mean to imply I was. Just meant it feels great to see heads turn and acknowledge and appreciate my creativity and self expression. "The" describes how good that feels, not that I'm the only one. I'm also the pixie at every party and the pole dancer at every event. That doesn't mean to me that I'm the only petite girl and that there aren't any strippers there too. It just means I feel like the pixie pole dancer girl.
I know how to make chain mail, but I don't know if I would have time to make something in time. When is Dragon Con?

You also might see if you can get ahold of this mail order catalog my dad used to get called Museum Replicas (Don't know if they still exist, since it's been nearly 20 years since I left home and quit seeing those catalogs). They're pricey, but they did used to sell at least a few women's armor pieces. You might also check out AMF (Asthetic Meat Foundation) corsets if leather would work. They had a few items for sale at Metro years ago and I actually used to know the guy who runs the company and one of girls who helped make the corsets is a friend. They used to have a website. You could do a search for it or I could check with my friend if you're interested.