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socks and cat

Going to attempt to work out

Because I haven't been able to pole dance post surgery I am *so* out of shape now! Even attempting to dance a little on a dance floor at an event causes me lower back pain. And I tried on my prom gown last night for the Goth Prom this Friday night and it actually doesn't fit any more (just a little too tight around the middle). I've decided to try working out a little today so here's what I'm going to attempt about an hour after breakfast:

1. Short walk
2. Crunches
3. Back extensions for lower back
4. Bicep Curls

I heard somewhere that stomach muscles are the only muscles that you don't have to rest for one day before working out again and that you can safely build them by exercising them every day. Does anyone know if this is true? My online research seems to indicate this is a myth but I worked them on the pole 6 days a week and got muscle tone that way.

The rest of my to-do list for the day:

  • quiet meditation time
  • love up the Vader kitty
  • shower
  • breakfast
  • Answer e-mails
  • check evolve workshop
  • e-mail Keith from yesterday's workshop
  • type up notes from yesterday's workskhop
  • walk to yoga studio to drop off check for rental
  • work out (oh boy!)
  • e-mail students who want to trade for cleaning
  • e-mail Heather about trade for massage
  • plan Saturday night trip to strip club for my birthday
  • order shorts from Pole Dance Playground


If you haven't discovered Stumptuous yet, it's great.

On the importance of resting between training:

On training abs specifically: short answer, like most of the muscles in the body, they react well to strength training with resistance but due to the thin layer/structure, aren't prone to as much hypertrophy:
Ask Ben about the stomach muscle thing, he'd know.
workout advice:
1. walking isn't much of a warmup. Try jumping jacks and other similar full-body warmup type things instead. Will warm you up faster and better while burning more calories.
2. Crunches are a waste of time and hard on the spine. Try deadlifts, squats, and pushups instead. They're better ab exercises that also accomplish other things at the same time.
3. You can replace back extensions with more functional lifts as in #2 also.
4. Bicep isolation exercises are mostly for looks and bulk quickly. Make sure you're not overlooking triceps if you're shooting for a more "womanly" look.
For general calorie burning and toning you don't need to worry about rest days. That's mostly for bulking up as it allows you to work out harder without overworking. You definitely don't want to overwork yourself but depending on how hard you workout that doesn't necessitate a full day off a muscle group.

I'd love to work out with you sometime! It would be a special favor for me too as I'd get a chance with another female workout partner that might help me do a better job of being a workout partner to my g/f.
I'm actually not into working out. I just have no choice right now because I'm not allowed to pole dance while I heal but I do have the okay from my surgeon for working out.

Jumping jacks and push ups are still out of the question. I'm definitely doing light mini workouts for now while my body heals.
jumpingjacks and pushups... sorry for the awful advice I should have known better :/ *ponders*
How about slow motion lunges and/or unweighted squats for warmups? Without weight it doesn't really hit any core but it'll take you through a greater range of motion than just walking.

I'd still love to do some working out with you even if you do try to sap all my positive energies! At the very least I could try to get you pumped up about doing some triceps and show you some different ways to hit them. I'd need a little extra time to plan around your little "injury" though xD
You read my mind. When I can make time for a lower body day I was hoping to do lunges and squats. But because I work such long hours I prefer to do a 40 minute warm up and get right back to work. So travel time is out of the question. But if you want to come over here that would be great!
what's your schedule like monday and tuesday night? What equipment do you have?
Sorry for the delay, I haven't even had time to work out! I have Tuesday nights off this session. I have no equipment other than a ton of stairs in my townhome to go up and down and also free weights ranging in size and weight.

Do you want to come over tomorrow night and teach me how to do squats and lunges?