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socks and cat

Norwescon pics

My favorite pic from Norwescon last weekend, more behind the cut:

My chainmail ensemble for Friday evening:


I purchased these cute little fairy wings at Norwescon:

The rest of the pictures are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/49089489@N07/



Hooray! You look fabulous, my dear!
very cute!! i love the one outfit with the side boob action, very sexy :D


What a great outfit! I am particularly fond of the wings too!

I have this fascination for Stormtroopers as well. :)
I've always thought you were gorgeous, but you keep outdoing yourself with your costumes. Awesome, lady.
I envy your costumes. I'm planning for Dragon*Con, and I think of your pictures as inspiration. Thank you!
I think I would like to try Dragon Con for the first time. But based on the pics I have seen of it online, the girls are even more naked than I was. For example:

Oh, yeah...a lot of them were. But some of the sheer artistry that went into the costumes (especially the steampunk ones) took my breath away. Most people were a little more covered than the lady in the picture....not that you could tell it from the pics on my camera when I left it unattended.

I was quite pedestrian, since most of my con wear still lives 2 states away. :( I hope to do better this year.

I highly recommend Dragon*Con. It is a fabulous venue, great people, a great town. Now, if my father-in-law didn't live there, it would be perfect. :)
If I can find some one in Seattle to go with I think I will go.
From everything I've read in your LJ, I think you'd love it. Of course, I'm biased because last year was my first time and my spousebeast and I found my engagement ring there, got it blessed by Shepard Book from 'Firefly' and then finished up the day by getting to bellydance with several of my favorite actors from various shows.

AND I got my hand kissed by James Marsters. Life doesn't get much better than that. :)

I hope you can find a way to go. It is WONDERFUL and the costumes people come out with are stunning.
That experience would be just about impossible to top!!!
You are now, and have always been, stunning.

Simply amazing :)
Wow the girls look great!
Well, your favorite pic is mine from that batch, too. I do find it a smidge amusing that your favorite pic is one that shows off your new 'girls' the least. ;) You were beautiful before, and still are so.

To an earlier post...having now seen some pics, I can understand why folks had trouble looking away from your new girls. ;)
I love the little vader picture.