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socks and cat

Should I wait for this 4G phone?

I've been thinking about making the switch this year from land line to cell phone. There is no hurry, it probably won't happen until this summer. Should I wait until this phone comes out - it looks like it might be better than most phones that are out now:


It also acts as a hotspot for mobile devices like my netbook, which I really need when I travel.


I work for a company that does a lot of work with Sprint. I highly recommend them. I'm with Verizon myself, but only because I have been for a while and I like the Droid phone. Otherwise I'd switch to Sprint immediately.
So I *have* to go with Sprint if I want this particular phone?
Well, you can actually usually get phones separate from the service and use it with the service you have. But it will cost you much, much more for the phone itself. And based on the 4G capabilities, only Sprint has 4G service right now. The others are catching up slowly, but SPrint is really at the top of their game right now. It might behoove you to switch, unless you're still in a contract with another carrier.
I switched from AT&T to Sprint and have never been happier. I save more money, they care about my business, they follow up each service call a couple days later to make sure everything is still cool. They are the BEST!

That is probably the phone I'll be switching to once they come out with it. I am with Sprint and I've never had more trouble with a phone in my life... though it might be the technology mostly and not the service. Sprint is a lot more affordable than their competitors. Especially if you want a data package. I say do it. Android is getting great reviews. Though there are Android phones with other companies if you aren't looking into switching service.
Well, HTC is the same company that made Google's Nexus 1 phone and alot of the other Android phones, so it is going to be pretty good in that regard. You know I prefer Android to the iPhone right now.

As far as Sprint is concerned, well, since your limited to US phone carriers, it is probably the best you are going to get. It is kind of sad that in most of the really exciting areas of development, we are not as much of a Free Market as people would think.
I'm a big fan of HTC/Android based phones like that one.
I'm looking for one like that, probably the "Incredible", which will work with t-mobile.