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socks and cat

Just because I'm not a fan of April Fool jokes I won't be reading any Thursday posts on LJ.


FYI I might wind up posting hand surgery updates on Thurs just because that's convenient for me. It will not in any way be an April Fool's prank. Feel free to go back and read after the fact if that makes you more comfortable. :)
That's exactly why I mentioned it, so I won't miss important posts like that. Thanks for letting me know so I can check it out.
Don't read FB either then...
That is actually the one prank I hate the most. A year or two ago a friend posted on her LJ that she and her super long term partner broke up. She went into details of when and how she would move out and how the split would work. It caused me pain to see some one I cared about in that kind of distress. But it turned out to be an April 1st prank on all of us. So I prefer pranks that don't put people through that pain and worry for those they care about. By this year though I knew not to fall for it when I saw it on FB.
I agree.