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sword crossing pole

My Vampire Ball gown

In the pics taken of me at the ball you can't really see the details of the dress. So below is a close up of the PVC strap with bondage rings that makes the gown so unusual. For pics of me in the dress click the cut below...

Front of the dress:

Back of the dress:

The slit up the side goes all the way up to my thigh. But you can't really see that in these pics...

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For more pics of the ball visit this gal's FB photo album:


HOT. NESS. Please forgive me if I smile and stare at you a bit too much. You look amazing. :D
I don't think the gown is all that "bondage-y." What it is, however, is stunning.
Photos totally do not do justice to the hotness you were pumping out in that dress - seriously smoking hot :)
Thank you!
You look great!