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socks and cat

Vampire porn star

My ball gown makes me a look like a bondage porn star. Or in this case, since it is a vampire ball, a vampire bondage porn star. I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Yes, my dress will be different than any other at the ball. But I think this event is supposed to be more formal and elegant than sexy. Don't know if pushing that boundary is a good thing or not.


Looking sexy is always a good thing!
I, for one, wouldn't mind rendering an opinion, but I have a strong bias in favor of lovely women such as yourself. :) Pics?
I promise vampire bondage porn star Cage Kitten pics.

Edited at 2010-03-26 05:11 pm (UTC)
Vampires are hawt and they know it.
Masquerades are for mischief and pushing boundaries. (Hence masks, which are the oldskool version of "what happens in vegas stays in vegas").

Vampire bondage porn star is awesome.

Oh no... I'm leaving shortly and I just realized I can't find my teeth...
I am *so* running late. Please take your time!