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socks and cat

Ball & Vader

Looks like I have a ride to Portland for the ball! But quicksilver1 is out of town. That means Vader will be all alone Friday night and Saturday night. Is it okay to leave my kitty alone for 2 days? He's used to us being here and around him all the time.


Leave a light on for him as well as a radio, preferably on a station that talks and has voices.

The voices will make him feel less alone...
He'll survive. Having a friend or pet-sitter stop by once wouldn't be a bad idea, but it's not necessary.
Does he currently free feed? If so, it could be OK. If he doesn't, then switching abruptly from scheduled feedings to free feeding isn't advised and you should have someone come in to feed him. It also depends on how easily he's stressed. Some cats, it's no prob. For easily stressed cats, especially male cats, sometimes urinary tract inflammation can occur from theses stresses.
Answer: totally depends on your cat
He free feeds and he's totally stress free. He's just really spoiled because I run my business from home during the day so he's used to having constant company.
Then is sounds like you had your answer prior to asking for it. =)
I worry. His happiness is one of my number one priorities.
He'll be fine. He'll just yell at you when you get back and then snuggle hard.
I've left Zoro overnight and he's been fine. Cranky but ok. :) He won't talk to you for about 6 hours but then he'll snuggle up close and forgive you. Hehe
It certainly depends on the kitty in question. That being said, cats are generally able to take care of themselves when they are alone for a day or two, as long as they have their necessities.

A visitor that you know is a definite bonus, because then he gets a little interaction and attention, and they can check on his essentials while they are there. If it's someone Vader kind of knows, that can help with trust.

If you can't get a human visitor, definitely consider some ambient noise or stimulus. You can just stick it on the local NPR-type station on your stereo, as it usually alternates between fairly calm, soft voices and gentle music. Or, you can do what we did and stick Animal Planet or something similar on the TV..I saw they were playing a marathon of big cat stuff and I just let that run with the volume on low. To conserve energy, you can always put the TV on a timer.

Lastly, not sure how much of a playful kitty Vader is, but if he likes toys, be sure he has as many as he enjoys at close access. It will give him something to occupy himself between naps so he's less prone to boredom and potentially damaging behavior.