Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I don't understand the new health care bill

I'm very confused by the new health care bill that just passed. Of course I wanted health care reform. But I also learned the hard way already when my monthly insurance rates were just raised to $409 per month that when a law forces something on insurance companies the insurance companies have to raise our rates the pay for that change. And the new change that is about to go into effect is that insurance companies are no longer able to deny insurance to people with pre-existing conditions. So if some one finds out they have cancer, I guess they can just go and sign up for some insurance and the insurance company can then pay the thousands and thousands of dollars to treat the cancer. And guess where they are going to get those thousands of dollars. From the premiums of people like me. So I fear this new health care bill means my $409 a month health insurance will go up to $450 or more to pay for this.

My feeling lately has been that I should just take a huge risk and go without health insurance for about 4 months or 5 months and then get some insurance again after that. That would save me about $2,000 this year. But then I found out the new health care bill would fine me for dropping my insurance, even just for a few months to try and make up the money the bill itself will inevitably cost me.

Some one please tell me if I am understanding the new bill incorrectly. Did they just screw the middle class self employed to benefit the middle class with regular jobs and all the folks without jobs? And why don't I deserve affordable health care like the rest of the country will get with this new law??

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