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socks and cat

The dress from LA

The cleaners could not hem my ball gown because it is made of a slinky fabric they aren't able to work with. So I took it to an alterations place up the street from me. Even though the owner is an older woman (late 40's or possibly 50's) she went crazy for the dress. She loved it so much that when I tried it on for her to pin up she asked me to come back to the break room so she could show the gown (on me) to her employees having lunch in the back. They were wide eyed at the gown as well.

I knew the dress was stunning in a gothy way, but I didn't think the normal folk would appreciate it so much. And absolutely no one else at the ball will be wearing anything like it. Now I'm extra excited for a chance to wear it!


Do you have a picture of the gown up somewhere? I think I remember you buying it, but I'm not sure...
No pictures yet. But if I make it to the ball you can bet I'll take plenty of them!
I can't wait to see it!