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red pvc pants

Whoah, that was easy.

Remember how I was all stressed just prior to surgery that I unintentionally lost too much weight? Well today I realized my jeans fit again, I have gained the weight back and then some. At first I wondered how I did that. Then I realized, oh yeah...I'm not allowed to pole dance for 2 months. It's absolutely amazing how much weight you can gain just by not exercising for two weeks!

I think maybe I should learn to start taking 20 minute walks every other day or so, just to stay healthy while I adapt to this new inactive lifestyle.


That's how those before/after weight loss commercials work. They find somebody fit and trim with a very active lifestyle, but laid up with something like a broken leg, that will keep them from their normal activity for a couple months. They gain weight, pictures are taken, normal activity resumes and the people slim back down. Tada! After picture.
Dudeeeette.....and don't forget when you start pole dancing again you will probably have to adjust some things post-op :-)

(sorry! Didn't realize this was not locked :-/)

Edited at 2010-03-14 07:34 pm (UTC)
No worries, that's why I screen replies of unlocked posts about the surgery. I don't expect everyone to notice if a post is locked or not.
At least 1/2 hour everyday would be better. I have a broken body and I strive for an hour per day. Walking definitely won't maintain your fitness level, but it will help.