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A soft spongy death to the undead

I just got the invite to the zombie walk in July. That gives me a few months to come up with a sexy zombie hunter costume. I've also been thinking about using a nerf gun instead of a fake gun for 2 reasons:

#1. I hate zombies and I want to actually shoot them, not just carry around a gun in a threatening manner. If you're going to dress up in a scary way that frightens innocent children on the street (and the zombie walk is done in public without any warning to families with children in the area) then I think you deserve to get shot in the head with a nerf bullet.

#2. Apparently modifying nerf guns to look cool is an underground rage I knew nothing about. For example, here is a nerf gun modified to look steampunk:

And here is another super cool modified nerf gun:

I would like to learn how to modify a nerf gun and buy a mega-ton of nerf bullets for this event.


Are you going to pick up all the nerf bullets when you're done? If not, are they biodegradable?
Actually I was thinking hunting for the shot nerf bullets would be half the fun (shooting them being the first half). I really don't like zombies, so if I don't have something to keep me occupied like shooting them and running around collecting the bullets then I would be too bored by the event to attend. If I'm lucky some other people dressed as hunters will also enjoy going after the bullets and helping me pick them up and reload again.
I'm with ya on the hating zombies. I don't even like to look at them!
As it just so happens, I have that very gun. Lots of fun. Particularly to shoot a misbehaving cat with, although I'm sure Vader would never do anything to warrant it.
Oh no, of course not. He's such an ange...oh wait.
Ohyes, the modding of Nerf weaponry to look super awesome is a longstanding tradition ;)

I would still be cautious about carrying it, especially around an event that may or may not have all its ducks in a row with the city, from the sounds of things. You don't want a cop to get the wrong idea, even if it's a Nerf weapon.

I think the Zombies will go for it. Regrettably, their heads won't explode when you hit them. That would be COOL!
Good suggestion. I will make sure any modification includes keeping the gun tip colored bright orange as required by law when carrying a toy gun.
What about a big human-sized hoop-on-pole net, like the ones used by cartoon city-pound dog-catchers? :-D

Or a gladiator-style casting net?

Then when children were scared, you could intervene and save them :)

AFAIK, that particular nerf gun had a kind of steampunk shape to it, which was hard to find in toy guns, so it became popular in steampunk circles to modify and paint it to look like a steampunk gun, simply because this was easier and quicker than creating a gun from scratch.
(That's the sort of thing that bothers me about what steampunk has become, but it's part and parcel with it becoming accessible, so it makes sense).
I think carrying a hoop on a pole net like that would require I interact with all the people pretending to be zombies. I mean I would have to net them and they would get annoyed and have to pretend to go after me like they were going to eat me, etc. And then I would have to pretend to be scared and take the net off and run for my life, etc.

I would prefer not to disturb or interact with the zombies. And I think a soft sponge shot at their chest will allow me to poke fun at them without disturbing them or forcing them to interact with me.
Check with the guidelines of the zombie walk first. If they ask for no NERFing of zombies, then that'll put the kibosh on things.

If it's okay, then you can get the NERF Maverick for about $7 at Target. It comes with suction cup darts, but you can get the other type of dart (with a soft orange tip) separately. And you can get a boat load along with an ammo case to put them in.

Of course, for NERF weaponry against zombies, I recommend this little number, which looks and acts like a drum-fed shotgun. And a shotgun to the chest will take out a zombie (plus you don't have to worry about nailing someone in the eye).

But there's still one thing that can get you in trouble. Note the color at the ends of the barrels on the pics you posted. Notice that they're not orange? That could be a big "no-no" in your state -- I know it's illegal here. So if you do get a gun and steampunkit, make sure that barrel end is still orange.
OMG - no nerfing the zombies would suck!!! Thank you for the link, that is exactly the gun I will buy. I will paint it all black except the end which I will leave bright orange. Thank you!
If you do get the NERF shotgun, one little warning. The pump action locks and won't function if the mount for the drum shifts a little out place. You may have to nudge it back in line, especially if you're doing some rapid-fire blasting.

The alternative is that you can get the smaller magazines (sold separately) and "flip" links, so you can connect two magazines together -- when one goes empty, you flip it to the fresh one.
Those are both the Nerf Maverick, which I have a couple of. They're a bit hard to find now, but they're easy to modify. If you go that route, I highly recommend removing the posts in the center and using filled foam cylinders for bullets. Straighter, longer shots, that have a higher likelihood of actually sticking to what they hit. :-)
You can find them online at walmart.com If you have a Toys-r-us, they carry them, as do target and k-mart.

Nerf painting guide

This should get you started, http://www.furaffinity.net/view/72038/

Re: Nerf painting guide

This is just what I needed, thank you!