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eyes closed

post surgery meds

My post surgery meds and the chart to help me keep track of them all. I made it for this the first time this morning with no pain meds, just my antibiotics and anti-spasm meds. Here's hoping I can do without the pain meds today.

On another note, I feel like I deserve a reward for all the pain and discomfort I have endured. I want to go out for steak and ice cream!


Wow! That's a mess o' drugs :(

If I was there I'd TREAT you for that steak and ice cream!
Steak and ice cream sounds like an awesome idea! The extra protein and dairy fats are good building blocks for healing. Not only do you deserve a reward for endurance, you also deserve one for keeping all the people thinking about you posted on how you're doing and for being brave enough to ask for help and keep trying different drug regimines until you find one that works best. You go girl! :)
You say the sweetest things. And here I was feeling guilty for asking so many people to help me this week. Thank you!