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flight to freedom

surgery update

Home recovering. Cannot get ouf bed without help. Feel very helpless. I only have pain when I try to sit up and move around. The pain is minimal. I'm happy so far, just groggy and useless and dependent as a baby. No nausea from anesthesia, yay! The doc and nurse and anesthesiologist all helped me through my anxiety by touching me on the arm or shoulder as I went under and telling me I would be okay. That was a very peaceful way to go under.

Might not be able to answer calls yet as it hurts to reach over for the land line phone. The cell is in my bed though and I can read text messages without moving much.

Thank you to those who posted and texted messages. It means the world to me!


Mazel tov! I'll see you tomorrow. :)
i'm glad you're okay! was thinking of you today :)
Glad things are going well so far! Keep us updated and take care!
I don't have your cell number...I thought I did :(
Glad to hear all is well so far!
Yay! See, told you it would go smooth :) Here is to a super easy recovery - you get your rest and let your friends spoil you!
Glad to hear it went well!
Get well soon :-)