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socks and cat

Off to surgery! Send me love and light. :)


loves and stuff!
Best of luck and quick recovery!!!

good luck!!!!
love 'n' stuff
good luck!!
I hope everything goes super smoothly!
Luck and love!
I just woke up...lol. I am assuming you are probably at home, drugged up, and not so awake yourself ;) I will try to call you later this afternoon xoxoxo
Love Ya Kitten. Hurry back.
thinking about you bb! Get well soon!

Cagekitten Update

She's doing great! Resting comfortably and not in any pain. :)
Best of Luck!
Well, I'm a little late and by now I'd imagine you're out of surgery! Hope all went well.....sending you love and wishes for a speedy recovery! <3