Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Smoother prep please

I would like surgery prep to go smoother please. My blood work results somehow never made it from the hospital in Seattle where I had it done to the hospital in Bellevue where I'm having the surgery. I called and had them re-fax it but it still never made it. I finally gave up and gave my surgeon's office the Seattle hospital lab's phone number and let them work it out.

Then I went to Wallgreens to pick up my post surgery meds only to find they had not filled it. I dropped it off on Sunday and yet here it is on Thursday and no one bothered to fill it. Instead they just "put the prescriptions in your profile." Ummmm....what!?

The friend that was supposed to stay the night with me Tuesday night had to back out. I have some one with me all day Tuesday until mid-evening so after they leave I have decided to go it alone Tuesday night and instead arranged for a friend to come and check on me and hang out with me Wednesday morning (making sure I can feed myself breakfast and shower and such).

I heard once that if things go haywire with your wedding it's a sign that the marriage will be good. It's best to have a haphazard wedding and then a lasting, happy marriage after (not the other way around). So I'm going to think of all this prep chaos as getting the "things going wrong" part out of the way before the actual happy and successful surgery.

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