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Smoother prep please

I would like surgery prep to go smoother please. My blood work results somehow never made it from the hospital in Seattle where I had it done to the hospital in Bellevue where I'm having the surgery. I called and had them re-fax it but it still never made it. I finally gave up and gave my surgeon's office the Seattle hospital lab's phone number and let them work it out.

Then I went to Wallgreens to pick up my post surgery meds only to find they had not filled it. I dropped it off on Sunday and yet here it is on Thursday and no one bothered to fill it. Instead they just "put the prescriptions in your profile." Ummmm....what!?

The friend that was supposed to stay the night with me Tuesday night had to back out. I have some one with me all day Tuesday until mid-evening so after they leave I have decided to go it alone Tuesday night and instead arranged for a friend to come and check on me and hang out with me Wednesday morning (making sure I can feed myself breakfast and shower and such).

I heard once that if things go haywire with your wedding it's a sign that the marriage will be good. It's best to have a haphazard wedding and then a lasting, happy marriage after (not the other way around). So I'm going to think of all this prep chaos as getting the "things going wrong" part out of the way before the actual happy and successful surgery.


hmm...I actually hear the opposite...but I am not going to try to scare you before what will no doubtfully be a successful surgery ;) then again, your not getting married, so these are not signs you should not get hitched...just that your nervous and perhaps doubting yourself now as you have found new comfort in some recent inner self findings ;)

These things do happen though. just relax, take a deep breath and get really on top of them until you have succeed. You have until Sunday ;)

It's going to be alright. Check out my first surgery:

So I show up the day before so they can draw blood and make X rays, then hook me up to an EEG to see my heart. Well...

The blood tests disappeared for an hour and a half (I offered more blood if they'd buy me a burger and an OJ), the EEG was done wrong so that it looked like my heart was on the wrong side of my body, and then they had me mark NO on the leg that was ok and YES on the leg that was to be operated on.

When you're drawing on your own skin with a message that essentially says "don't cut here" it leaves a little to be desired. I get it, though. That less than an ounce of prevention would be worth many pounds of cure.
Coordination between 2 different facilities is quite often not smooth. (ie Group Health uses Epic for it's computer records, and Virginia Mason uses Cerner (sp?), so if someone is goes to their ER, I only see that they went in, and maybe admitted) I wouldn't worry to much about it. Good luck!
If you need someone to stay with you, give me a shout. My schedule is often flexible. :)
Can you take over Tuesday night? We'll be back from my post op appointment around 7:00pm or 7:30 and then I would love some company!
I might be able to, depending on bus routes and times on Wed morning. I've got a followup appt of my own and will need to be back in Issaquah by a little after 10a on Wed. Let me do a little research on the transit and available rides and I'll let you know for certain as soon as I can - definitely by the end of the weekend. :)
Thank you!