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socks and cat

Thank you i_feel_sick

i_feel_sick, I was moved to tears by your thoughtful and generous post surgery care package. I didn't even know I needed some of these things - but looking at them I realize I really do. Thank you *SO* much for helping me through this and making me feel loved! You rock!!!


The stupid thing that I forgot for surgery was to bring more changes of pajamas to the hospital!!! I forgot that wounds are messy, and I wanted clean PJs more frequently than I had them :-/

I felt really dumb :)
This reminds me of when I took a 13 hour flight from LA to London. My toothbrush was in my checked in luggage and I didn't think to bring a toothbrush on the flight with me. I felt gross not being able to brush my teeth for 13 hours! Sometimes you just don't realize what you will need for a new experience until its too late.
I brought my toothbrush and my hair and makeup stuff when I took my flight to London. I knew I wanted to look my best when I stepped off of the plane and into a new country for my first time. :)
WOW! It came sooo fast!! lol. I am sooo glad you got it so quickly!! yay!! enjoy m'dear, you deserve it ;)