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eyes closed

Operation pre-op continues...

Operation prep for surgery continues! I have a student that cleans my studio weekly for trade and today I had her come over and help me clean my home instead. If I'm going to have folks over for post surgery after care I want the place all sparkly and clean! We both vacuumed the floors and stairs (lucky I have two vacuums) and then she scrubbed the hell out of the kitchen while I spent about an hour cleaning my bathroom. I'll tackle the bedroom and office later.

Tomorrow I have a friend coming over to help me organize my office. There are piles and crap everywhere right now. And I need it clean before surgery.

Also on the prep list:

  • Go to doctor tomorrow to get throat checked
  • Vacuum and mop bedroom
  • Organize office with M
  • Go to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get pillows and lap desk for bed
  • Pick up post surgery meds from Wallgreens
  • Buy cleaning liquid for mop
  • Buy food
  • Get frozen fruit and tea from Trader Joe's
  • Sign pre-op paperwork

I think there is more but that's all I can remember right now.



All I saw was pre-op! And the first thing I thought was Oh Noes!!!!!! Cagekitten is a Pre Op Tranny!!!!!!!! My heart jumped into my mouth!!!
Use more care with your taglines!!!!
Be well!

Re: OMG!!!!!!

Oh you had to just go and give away my surgery secret now didn't you. Now everyone will know I'm getting a sex change!!

Re: OMG!!!!!!

Oh Darling! Just tell me you'll make me your woman when you get out!