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gun metal lolly pop

My future zombie costume

So apparently there will be a zombie night at Norwescon on the first night of the event. I don't like zombies because they are not sexy (gaping wounds and dripping blood just don't qualify as attractive) and their lack of conversation skills makes them incredibly boring. Who wants to attend an event with a bunch of boring, ugly people who don't talk? Lucky for me I won't be at Norwescon Thursday night and I get to miss all the groaning grossness. But for future zombie events I thought it might be fun to put together a zombie hunter costume. I'm going to make one complete with a severed zombie head, it will look a lot like this:

And I'll have a tank top like this:

Let's face it. Cage Kitten only does zombie if she can do it in a sexy outfit! Now where can I get a very real looking toy assault rifle? I want a rifle that makes cool noises like the Airsoft toy one in this video (but preferably not priced $100 like this one):


I love the slashes in the front of the dress. I hope I can make the zombie prom next year!
Were there any zombie hunters at prom or would I be the only one?
Now where can I get a very real looking toy assault rifle?

Don't. The Norwescon 33 Weapons Policy is as follows:

For the safety and comfort of all members some weapons are not allowed at Norwescon (please see paragraph below for details). All weapons that are allowed must display a valid official Norwescon peacebond. The only type of peacebonding allowed is that provided by the convention. Fashion coordinated substitutes are not sufficient. The only exceptions to peace bonding rules are weapons that have been approved for display on stage during the Masquerade, during programming specifically designed for weapons display, wares displayed by dealers in the Dealers Room, and as an entry or display in the Art Show. Bonding ties will be removed for such an event and replaced immediately afterward. Failure to comply with the weapons and peacebonding policy will result in immediate expulsion from the convention and hotel property. Peacebonding and answers to questions about this policy is available at the Information Table and from Norwescon site services volunteers. Remember: if it's drawn, it's gone.

The following weapons are not allowed: crossbows, slingshots, pellet guns, bows and arrows, water pistols, blowguns, catapults or any type of functioning projectile weapon - loaded or unloaded (no real guns) - or any device that could be construed as a projectile weapon or any extension of the human hand. The only exceptions are non-functioning replicas that are kept in their holsters or daggers, knives, and swords that are kept in their sheaths. Spears and staves must be no longer than six feet in length and the end of said devices must never project more than 12 inches from the bearer's body. All blades will be covered while in all public areas and function spaces. Please remember to keep your poles and staves upright at all times.

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Edited at 2010-02-22 11:18 pm (UTC)
Forgive me but I'm not going to bother reading that long Norwescon policy since I won't actually be there on Thursday for the zombie event. Their weapons policy doesn't apply to those of us that won't be there.

Most zombie events in Seattle are out doors. And to the best of my knowledge it is legal to carry toy guns outside as long as you don't remove the bright orange tip on the gun (once you remove the orange tip you're not only illegal but likely to be shot by cops).
Wouldn't an EFFECTIVE Zombie Hunter outfit include leather/kevlar/something that offers protection from bites??

I'm just saying....
You're assuming they can get that close to me before I blow their &^%$#@! heads off!! I hate zombies.
Hunting in dark corridors, at night, closed spaces -- you cant always see them coming.

That's the danger of Zombies...

and that assumes they aren't the type that can run...

I'm just saying...
I see your point now. Find me some leather or kevlar that still manages to look sexy and I'm all over it.
I dont know fashion well enough -- but if you walk in with a T-Shirt
as your armor, you'll look more like a Zombie Treat rather than
a Zombie Hunter.

I know it's all in fun, but fighting zombies with nothing that can
prevent bites?? I don't know... living on the edge...

Yes, but I'll die looking hot. That's all the matters, right?