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socks and cat

Class project - please post your feminine archetype suggestions

As a class project for my advanced class the students are going to be given a list of feminine archetypes. They are to choose one that they feel embodies their sensual side and then dress as and express that archetype during their dance the following week. I need to list every feminine style possible so they can find one that they feel suits their sensual personality. Below are just a few I have come up with, some already illustrated. Please use the poll below to include any feminine archetypes I may have forgotten. Or feel free to post them in comment and include pics if you like. Thank you!


School Girl

Cat Woman












Please list any that I have forgotten:

Feminine Archetype


I can't really think of a name for it, but what about women who are sexy in more traditional masculine roles. Biker chicks with guns who build houses and do martial arts and that kind of thing. If I were taking the class I think I would want an archetype that had more strength than frills. Rocker, goddess, and dominatrix are strong, but I think maybe expanding on that would be good. Maybe warrior princess or something along those lines.
Thanks! I will add "butch" and "warrior princess" to the list.
I like what shaharazad said. Warrior WOMAN. I like that better than princess. Princess could be a category of it's own.

Xena, Warrior Princess was hot.

Just sayin'.

Mother/Earth mother. think of those fertility symbols/figurines where the emphasis is on her huge fertile belly.
Housewife...the June Cleaver or Laura Petrie type. Not the Rosanne type.