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socks and cat

more to do

Going to the drug store to fill all 4 of the post surgery prescriptions. Between the valium and the percocet I think I might be very well stoned out of my mind after the procedure. I've never had either one. I'm more scared of the anesthesia and drugs than anything else. The surgery is a piece of cake. Recovering from the anesthesia and drugs frighten me. I like to be in control of myself and being rendered unconscious and then waking up all weak and helpless and then being drugged for days does not fall under the category of having any control.


If it makes you feel any better I am also someone who loathes drugs but percocet and valim are very friendly. I never felt overwelmingly "messed up" or glazed over...just in much less pain and able to deal with it.
Anesthesia can make you really sick to your stomach and make you lose your appetite for a long time. Since you already have appetite issues sometimes, I wouldn't be surprised if this to happens to you. You MUST eat with the Percocet or it will make you sick. If you are anything like me it will make you sick anyway. Valium is great though.
I've never had valium before, but percocet for my recent abdominal surgery wasn't too much of a stoning. Yeah, you'll be a little loopy, but not far gone, I'd expect. Mostly it'll calm any of the burn if incisions are made or muscles are healing. And you'll catch up on some sleep easily. ;)
The only control issue that I have is some moron giving me a shot of morphine while I am out. I would much rather have the pain, than be puking my guts out for 3 days solid again...
ppst...did you see that they are considering adding pole dancing to the Olympics?? how sweet is that...there is a goal you can work towards!! btw, I am sending you a very special care package ;) I hope that if I get it out today, it will get to you in time. and if not, is there going to be anyone around who can get your mail for you? or will you get packages at your place??
I won't be checking mail on Monday and Tuesday. But I'm sure it will get here before then!