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Need pounds asap

Holy @#$%^&*! cow!! I weighed myself while I was at the hospital today (I don't own a scale). Without my gothy boots on I weigh only 97 pounds. My normal range is 96 to 106 - so I'm not underweight. But I would really like to weigh more by the time of my surgery.

I went to PCC and purchased a big pack of string cheese. I also have some fried cheese sticks I can heat up and snack on late at night. Since I'm not eating sugar, I have no idea what else I can eat to put on weight super fast. I already have protein shakes every morning. I already eat meals late at night before bed. I refuse to eat junk food before surgery because I want to stay healthy. So cheese is all I can think of for now. Any other suggestions for super fast weight gain (no sugar) other than cheese and protein shakes?


buffalo milk yogurt that you can get at pcc or wholefoods (can't remember the brand) its richer than cows milk-or whole milk yogurt with honey and berries? oodles of pasta? beef? croissants (buttery)!!! man, if i lived nearby i could make you sugar free sticky buns (honey!) !
I just remembered that I have tons of protein enriched pasta!!
For some people, like myself, really heavy weight training will put weight on, because the muscles gain mass faster than the fat burns off.
Can't build muscle in 10 days. I only have 10 days.
chips and dip? pretzels and dip? My friend used to have a cream cheese dip for pretzels.
I love salt and vinegar potato chips! I always have a bag on hand.
add peanut butter to the protein shakes?!
I used to love soy nut butter. I'll see if I can pick some up. Thanks!
Thank you!
Butter popsicle! (kidding)

Maybe indulge in drinking whole milk?
I would totally do that. But I only drink organic lactose free milk. And for some reason PCC only carries organic lactose free milk in low fat. But I'm pretty sure the cheese I'm eating is not low fat.
Avocados are extremely high in fat! Also, nuts work really well, snack on lots of those!
Jack n the box. For REAL. Fast food will do it faster than anything I can think of.
I'm pretty sure fast food contributes to lowering the immune system. And since I can't take my Wellness Formula, I feel vulnerable.
Mexican food! German sausages and hot dogs!
I hear Taco Del Mar calling my name!!
Healthy fats are what you want. Olive oil (which is also great for your hair and skin), avocado, nuts in all forms, real butter - not margarine. And have a glass of wine, preferably red. One glass has about 150 calories, but it's also got tannins and other good things for your heart and blood.

You can do it! Think fat!

The Chef
Does wine have any sugar in it? Trying to avoid sugar.
Really, as far as *weight* goes, it's just a calories issue. Take what you're eating, and eat more of it.

It's easier if you eat things that don't trigger your satiety reaction. So, fatty things, low in protein.
I'm actually not a fan of food. So telling me to eat more is like telling me to be force fed. :( So I'm trying to make my food really count when I am hungry, rather than making myself eat when I'm not.
I have about 20lb I wish I could give you. ;)