Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Doing everything right

On the schedule today is a trip to the hospital to get all my pre-surgery lab work done. I'm being really good about doing everything the surgeon tells me to. I have even given up my multi-vitamin for 2 weeks (because I'm not allowed to have vitamin E), my wellness formula immunity booster (because I'm not allowed to have echinacea) and my fish oil (also not allowed prior to surgery). I have instead switched to just vitamin C, rose hips and grapefruit seed extract to keep my immune system healthy until the surgery.

I also plan to be this fastidious after surgery. I plan to be a shining example of proper after care and healing. I would very much like to go to the Mr. & Ms. Goth Seattle Pageant that is 5 days after my surgery. If I go I absolutely will not dance on the dance floor as anything that raises my blood pressure or moves me too much is not allowed for at least 2 weeks. And I may not go at all if I don't feel mobile enough. And of course no alcohol (the doc didn't say anything about no alcohol but alcohol does lower the immune system).

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