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socks and cat


Happy *&(^%$#@!! Valentine's Day to me. I just found out quicksilver1 will be shipped out for his 4th tour of duty to Iraq starting at the end of April. Really? REALLY!?

I am devastated.

Apparently he is taking the place of people who were scheduled to go to Iraq but instead are being re-routed to Haiti. So he has to take their place. The irony is that he's being treated for PTSD (by the VA) from his first 3 tours of duty. What the hell kind of government sends a man with war PTSD back into a war!?


That's pretty fucked up...... :-( I can't believe they don't have others who have had less tours of duty.....who DON'T have PTSD from it.....

And lord oh lord. If NOTHING else, couldn't they at least send him to Haiti and one of the other people over to Iraq. Especially because of how many tours he's already done and even more especially with him already having the PTSD from war. I know very little about the military, but I would've thought (from my human side. Not from my 1% of military knowledge side) that they would give him an honorable discharge rather than send him back over there with what he's dealing with and being treated for.....

I'm so sorry sweetie. To you and him. Sending a ton of love and hugs and prayers.....
They would probably give him a discharge if he fought it. But he's all about honor and doing his duty and so he wants to go.
I would've offered him one from the get go (haha, the military would probably hate me ;-)

But seriously. From everything you've ever said and now this, he sounds like an amazing man.

How long is this tour anticipated to last?
8 months or more.
He needs to protest this one -- this is one time he needs to question the base commander, or try to get a diagnosis.

Seriously,sending him back for a 4th tour??? JEEZ!
He refuses to protest. He wants to go.
I don't fear for his safety over there. Him dying never even crosses my mind (I don't know, maybe it should). I just really REALLY need him here.
my hubby and i were talking about this kind of thing yesterday, my cousin is on his 4th tour, this time in Afganistan and he was heart broken to miss his daughters first birthday, his wife is also deployed and their daughter is with his mom. we discussed how a "GI" is "government issue". my father in law had/has ptsd and 4 voluntary tours in Vietnam, he would have gone back over and over save he topped out on purple hearts (you are only allowed 4). i think its part of ptsd to continue the stress because it actually, at the time, seems normal to the person with ptsd. i know he appreciates your love and support when he is out there.
hey, let him know we support and love him, too!
Andb yet they won't take people like myself who would be willing to go in his stead.