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socks and cat

Trade off

There is a big downside and an upside to the recovery process after surgery. I will not be able to pole dance for two months. The company won't lose too much money from that because my other instructors will be taking over the private lessons and parties that I would otherwise teach. So the business will survive. However *I* personally will not be paid for any of those lessons and parties because I have to pay them for substituting for me. So my personal income will be cut by about $200 per week (occasionally more if there is a party that week). I'm looking at a huge personal loss of income that could go as high as $1,600 to $2,000 lost.

On the upside, probably ALL of my Friday nights, weekend days and Saturday nights will be available every week for two months. No pole parties or private lessons. I can actually go out and socialize EVERY weekend like a real human being. Granted I'll probably still stay home during some of that and work on marketing, website updating, catching up in the studio office etc. But social time I am not used to having will be a real possibility for TWO MONTHS!!! I hardly know what to do with it.


I've long worried that you are working too hard, putting too much of yourself into this, going too hard for money. I hope that this gives you a chance to evaluate what having the odd weekend 'off' means, without considering it only in terms of lost income.

I learned a hard lesson long ago that too much work without enough time off is just plain bad, leading nearly to a breakdown, and some very bad life choices. Money isn't everything, and maybe this'll help you realize that if you take one weekend off, while you are losing incoming, it is worth it in the end.
Let's hope you are right. My fear is that I'll just use this time to work around my studio office instead. Or I may use it to develop an exotic dance class that doesn't require pole dancing so I can teach floorwork and wallwork while I heal.
Yay! That means you'll be able to come out and support GASP. The new NON-SMOKING event being held the FIRST FRIDAY of every month at Mercury. It will only continue as long as it has support.
I don't really feel safe clubbing any place crowded while I heal. The Merc can be crowded at times and I've been jostled or had some one walk into me or elbow me by accident when they were dancing. I don't want to risk being hurt while I am healing. So I'm going to stick with clubs that aren't too crowded.
I have a feeling I know what you are getting surgery on, but the 45 min procedure time has me a little confused. LOL I had two guesses, but the first one doesn't seem like you wouldn't be able to dance. Hurry up and post already!!!