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Surgery filter

What the heck, let's set this puppy up now. Please check below if you want to be on my surgery filter. I'll be discussing my emotional state about it prior to the procedure (hello fear) as well as more pictures than you probably want to see. And knowing me I'll probably make a post right after surgery if I can get to the computer (or I'll ask who ever is caring for me to do it for me). So you can look forward to both pre-surgery jitters and post surgery pain med haze addled indiscernible attempts at updating.

Please check only if you want to be on my surgery filter

Yes, I want to know all about your surgery.


I am of course hoping for pre-surgery jitters followed by post surgery relief that things went so smoothly.
I guess I'm just mostly curious about what you are having surgery on.

Today is the anniversary of me breaking my feet and being told I had to wait to find out if I was going to have my feet cut off or if they were going to operate on them to try to fix them...

That sucked.
Sorry for the sad date but congrats on surviving. Here's hoping the Hellerwork bring you around to a full recovery!!
Thanks. It better! It is the most expensive treatment I have had to date!!! My feet still feel pretty good since she worked on them... I went for a super long walk. The rest of my body doesn't feel so good. She only worked on my feet and calves though. PATIENCE. It is so hard to have when you feel like you are at the end of your rope! As long as I can keep finding ways to keep the money coming I think this will be pretty cool Neurologist is next.

I think what your friend said about staying positive is crucial to any recovery. Good luck!
I had hellerwork done many years ago before I came to Seattle. I was in physical therapy for a job injury. The only thing I remember about it was the homework. The practitioner showed me all new ways to sit at a desk and reach for things to maintain the work she was doing.
I've had a bunch of healthcare practitioners that gave me homework that I wasn't able to do. I was so glad that this Hellerworker understands that she has to reconstruct my muscle-skeletal structure before I can do things. My first assignment is just to think about where my feet are when I am standing.

So you don't remember anything else about it? The massage she gave my feet was one of the most intense I've ever had.
not been reading lj lately. hope it isn't serious.
Not at all. Thanks for being concerned, I appreciate it.
do I get to find out what it is now? I totally could have done it for you; i'm good with sharp things.
I've got a guess, we'll see if I'm correct. Either way, good luck with all the decisions you're making. =)
the word "surgery" had me scared. I wish you well!
Damn, missed this. . . I would like in please.

I hope you already knew that.
Just added you. Check out yesterday's post.
I finally have a minute to catch up with you and, aaa, surgery! I do want to keep up with you and your recovery - please include me on the filter. And good luck! *hugs*
I would like to know as well. I'm sorry I haven't really been keeping up lately. Having a house and a child to constantly work on has set my social side of things way back. Hope you are doing well!