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For valentine's day

I have always thought that roses were the lamest valentine gift ever. Not only do they not last, but they are dying from the moment they are cut. So essentially you are giving your beloved a dying plant as a token of love.

I saw this gift online and I think this is a gift that will last forever. Every time you are away, he or she can open it and pull one out and feel loved: http://www.healingbaskets.com/prod_91793.htm

That $26 gift trumps $150 worth of roses any day.


I hate roses too but for different reasons. I find them to be horribly cliched. I prefer daisies or a bunch of wildflowers or something. My wedding flowers were gerber daisies and hydrangeas. My mother-in-law insisted on decorating the post-ceremony dinner with blue roses, fake birds, and pine cones. It was quite tacky, but thankfully, only about 20 people total were there, lol.
I still love roses.
That's really pretty cool, thoughtful and original! :>

I like roses, but the practice of handing each other plant genitals has always kind of perplexed me.
I stopped giving flowers, cause they die. I dident like the symbiology. Made me think that my relationship was beautiful and blooming, but doomed to wither and die... so, now, I give living plants that flower. That way, my relationship is always alive, and sometimes there is a pretty bloom. :)
I love roses, but anyone who pays the Valentine's Day mark-up for them would be better off just handing me the money.
Agreed. Or taking me shopping and buying me something we can both enjoy (that won't be dead in a week like roses).