Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Is this space going to break my heart?

Found the perfect place for the Eastside studio! It has:

  • Major frontage on a busy street (all the other spaces I looked at were sort of hidden deep in the back of shopping centers)
  • Just a few seconds from a 520 off-ramp
  • Huge amount of space, could fit 7 to 15 poles depending on whether I want to gut it or leave the false divider walls up
  • Parking
  • A computer shop next door where the geek cool manager told me he's totally fine with loud music (and they are closed evenings anyway and won't hear it)
  • A place downstairs used to store cars - no one will hear the loud music
  • No other neighbors that can hear the music
  • Ceilings 9 feet 6 inches, which will fit removable poles (permanent poles for higher ceilings cost a fortune)
  • Enough space to build a reception area in front and still have plenty of room for poles

This would be a swank studio with reception, changing room, lots of parking and super easy to find from the freeway. What more can you ask. The problem, we didn't know the rent when we looked at it: $2,800 per month with water and taxes (electricity, heat and air are extra). My goal was to stay in the $1,500 range. I'm willing to go up to $2k. But what are the chances we can talk them down that low? The owner's agent thinks there is a chance it will happen if we agree to pay for all the tenant improvements (tearing down false walls, putting in new wall for reception, tearing out the 15 year old carpet and putting in new floors, tearing out the false ceiling and re-doing the ceiling underneath, etc.). The owner's agent is giving our offer to the owner now.

If the owner won't come down that low, wondering if I should go several hundred dollars over budget for a shot at this place and just risk that it's worth it.

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