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socks and cat


On Thursday I'm looking at a space for our Eastside location that has 1,917 feet. That's more than I thought I could afford. But the owners of the space were negotiated down to $2k a month by a potential tenant that pulled out last minute. So my leasing agent thinks we can get them down to $2k as well. It's also perfectly located between Bellevue and Redmond.

I love the idea of having this much space. Maybe 7 or 8 poles! Keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't get rented before Thursday and that the space is workable.


I don't know if you have time on Thurs, but I'll be home if you wanted to drop by for a bit of practice. Rabbit might be around, but there will be no men home during the day. Give me a call or email if you want come by.
I'll be out looking at locations all day Thursday and then I train my new instructors from 7:30 to 10:30pm Thursday night.