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socks and cat

Selling my pink carry on luggage

Since I purchased new skull and crossbones luggage last year, I need to get rid of my pink carry on luggage. The set comes with one carry on suitcase and one matching duffle bag. Both with wheels and pull handles. Used. Asking $25 total for both.


OMG - want! And I need new luggage!! I wonder how much it would be for the shipping because I am taking a trip in June and need luggage for it and I LOVE PINK!
Unoftunately it would probably cost as much or more than the luggage to ship. Know anyone visiting Portland soon? I could send it down with them.
I may have someone who can get it this weekend. Do you do paypal? I imagine you do with your business.
My business paypal account takes a percentage of all sales. But my personal paypal account should not. It is: web_auctions (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Can they come by my studio in Ballard to pick it up?
I am emailing with a friend whose friend is driving down Saturday to see if they can drop by your studio to pick up the suitcases on their way down. I get paid Friday so I can definitely pay you then. I do have another friend who has friends heading down from there February 12th but I know there are alot of my friends who go back and forth between our two fair cities so I have to be able to find someone who can do it.