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socks and cat

The evil Zune is gone!

Sunday I sold my brand new Zune to a student at a $50 loss. It is a testament to Microsoft that they have developed a product so poorly thought out and poorly designed and made that consumers are willing to sell it at a loss just to switch to an iPod. And that is really something considering how anti-ipod I have been for years (pretty much since they came out I have refused to own one). It took a truly bad product to make me decide to switch. I only wish I knew how to contact the Zune department at Microsoft so I could tell them they are losing customers with their new product.

That being said, I continue to be amazed at how superior the iPod touch appears to be. I haven't purchased one yet but a friend told me it can do nested folders (they don't know how to do this at the Apple store, but I haven't given up hope that it is possible). It also picks up wi-fi so you can check your e-mail on it if you're near a hot spot. And there are some how-to videos on YouTube showing how you can buy and attach a device that will allow you to get internet on it all the time. For some one like me that doesn't use a cell phone, this will be my first ever internet on the go. And of course one of the things the iPod touch can do that the Zune can't, it can download thousands of aps. I have never had a device with an ap ever. So I'm excited about the idea.

My only concern is where to purchase it. I have been told if you buy it from Apple that they have excellent customer service if anything goes wrong. But Apple charges $40 more for the iPod touch than Amazon does. Is $40 worth a little customer service if I need it?


After owning iPods I have decided that I want an Archos. I haven't gotten one yet, but I like to think they are far superior to iPods. I would prefer to never own an iPod again. A lot of wasted money right there,
What problems did you have with your ipod?? I am curious because I got the first gen video ipod for my 25th Birthday right after it came out, and well, that was over 4 years ago now, and I still have no problems with my ipod. I still love it! lol.

I am also in love with my imac ;)

I really want the ipod touch. Perhaps in a couple months when I get my finances under control ;)
My first iPod lasted a couple/few years (had problems once in a while)... then I paid for the battery replacement program when my battery died. That lasted a month and I wanted to get a new brand of MP3 player because that really pissed me off. Gordon took it in and paid for the battery replacement program again. It didn't work right off the bat, but Gordon forgot to take it in to exchange it and the warranty was over. So we wasted a lot of money and time... also I have had a lot of problems with my Macbook Pro. My iMac was great... but Apple's reliability seems to be going down-hill...
Oh... and you are going to NEED the customer service. Seriously... and the extended warranty too... or you can buy into their battery replacement program, but that is a gamble and I lost a lot of moolah doing that.
I don't believe the iPod does nested folders, either. It's like the Zune, in that it uses specific software to transfer music to it, and doesn't let you access the folders at all.

The iPod Touch, specifically, does *not* give you direct file access like you've said you wanted. The rest, even though you can access the disk to put files there, won't play files except the ones you transfer through their software, which isn't in nested folders.

Like I've said before, nested playlists are the exception, not the rule. I think you'd be better off getting a no-name brand, that just plays whatever files you put on it.
I use nested folders occasionally, just create a couple of play lists and put them in a folder, select the folder and hit play rather than click the center wheel, it will play both of them.
I'm still a little unclear what you couldn't get the Zune to do - but everyone has different preferences for how they manage their music.

I picked up the wife a ZuneHD for Christmas and she loves it. She says she's never going back to an iPOD etc. and when I asked her about "folders" she nodded - did some voodoo stuff and was showing me her "folders" and how she could configure it from the computer or the Zune.

Me, I couldn't make it work that way - but then I can't seem to get any of the MP3 players more complex than my Zen.