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socks and cat

Need more lap dance practice

I worked on the advanced lap dance routine with 2 of my instructors today. This one is so advanced that we don't teach it to students at all. It's mostly for the strippers or strippers-to-be that come in for private lessons and need to learn how to lap dance for customers.

I'm not used to practicing the moves on an actual human being (sorry guys, I don't believe in giving private lap dances to the guys I date). So one of the instructors let me use her instead of our usual stuffed lap dancing dummy and I was able to pick up some new moves that you just can't figure out on a dummy.

Now I just need to practice the routine weekly so I can have it memorized and not forget it again when I want to teach it. Although I'm a bit at odds with how I can find an actual human being to practice on when I refuse to give actual living males a real lap dance. A posable foam mannequin would more closely resemble a human being, but they cost about $600.


I keep meaning to learn how to do a basic lapdance - there have been a few birthday nights out where it would have been a fun/silly addition, but the style is different for guys, so I'm not sure where I'd find people that teach it, and I'm not sure how I'd manage to do it with a straight face.

Busting up with the giggles probably doesn't come across as very manly :-)
I'm happy to volunteer as a practice dummy, if that would be comfortable for you :)
Actually yes, that would make me comfortable practicing on a woman! It probably wouldn't be a very sexy experience since I would be checking my notes as we go to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. But in turn you can learn the lap dance too.
That sounds very cool to me! I'd love to learn the dance too, and I think it will be interesting to get a glimpse of how dancers work to develop and learn a routine. :)

Let me know where and when you'd like to schedule this.
Sad as this is to say, I'm often here working both day and night. So I can be flexible if you don't minding coming to my studio. When is it convenient for you to come to Ballard? Week day afternoons work best for me.
As a question: Why don't you give lap dances to the guys you date?
That's what I was wondering too. I'm defintiely not a stripper and I have almost no rhythm, but I gave one of my ex-boyfriends a lap dance for his birthday and he LOVED it.
What can I say? I'm an old fashion girl. I think if you give a lap dance to every guy you date, it becomes something recreational rather than meaningful and special.

Women (especially feminists) often say that there is nothing empowering about stripping or lap dancing. What they don't understand is that it *IS* empowering if you learn it for yourself, for your own enjoyment and to celebrate your body and your confidence regardless of whether or not there is a partner in your life. So I do it for me, not for men, to celebrate how beautiful and fabulous it feels to be feminine and divine. To me it loses something special when it stops being about celebrating my divine feminine nature and I just start giving it away just because a guy is dating me.

I realize this view is not shared by other women and I respect their choices. But this is the choice that makes me feel good about myself.
I guess that's your choice and I respect that, although I admit I still dont quite understand it.

In your business, part of what you do is teach women how TO dance in a way their boyfriends would like... so I'm not sure how you would not see value in that yourself.

Additionally, I understand that you shouldn't be *expected* to dance for a boyfriend. But you're saying that you may be willing to kiss...to sleep with someone -- but dancing for them is to personal???

In other words...dont you think your partner would also appreciate your feminine nature?

I understand about not giving it away....but you're saying NEVER? That I am not sure I'm getting when talking about someone you are already romantically involved with...
"In your business, part of what you do is teach women how TO dance in a way their boyfriends would like."

A fair assumption, but NOT true. I teach women how to turn of their brains and tap into their sensual side as a form of divine and sensual meditative movement that makes them feel beautiful from the inside out. If they choose to share this with their partners, this is only an added bonus or side benefit (not the goal of what they learn here).

"But you're saying that you may be willing to kiss...to sleep with someone."

I think you're assuming I actually sleep with the men I date. Also a fair assumption, but not generally true.
Um, you're wrong about feminists and the overall attitude/feeling toward strippers, lap dances, etc. Just so you're aware.
My interaction with feminists is probably far out of date. What is the current view of stripping by feminists?
A true feminist will see it as more of a question of a woman's CHOICE to do so. Basically, feminism is about women being able to choose their own profession, their own way to live, etc. It's a matter of being EQUAL to their male counterparts - not one sex being more superior than another. Those feminists who claim all men must die or all men are useless are not feminists in the strictest definition of the word. I went to an all women's college and feminism was a part of the cirrculum in EVERY class I took, even science and math. So I figure m'self a bit of an expert, having learned about the feminist movement in depth for four years of my life!

Several of the first feminists were men: G.B. Shaw, Henrick Ibsen, John Stuart Mill, etc.
I would offer to be your test dummy...as I could give pointers too :) and it would be fun to see what you have learned and perhaps what I can learn that I don't know yet :)

Next visit! It has been over 1 year since I have given a lap dance. lol
Can't wait to do more dancing when you visit again!