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socks and cat

still need to feed my XM addiction

After talking with a friend tonight I realized I completely misunderstood the XM radio App for the iPod touch. I thought it allows you to hear XM radio on the go everywhere. But apparently it only works through your internet connection so you can play XM radio at home. Heck, I have netbook for that already.

I looked into portable XM players and found them still in a very primitive and expensive stage. These seem to be my best options:




The mp3 and XM radio combos are not very advanced and it looks like I may have to purchase an iPod and then an XM radio receiver separately. What a waste. I'm sure in a year or two they will be combined. But for now I may have to go separate if I want to be able to play XM radio in my dance studio and car with just one device.


I use Pandora and Last.fm apps on my iPhone and I don't have to use wifi; I just use the 3G data connection through my carrier.
Can you get XM radio on your iPhone this way? I don't have an iPhone or anything with 3G yet.
Yes but you still have to pay subscription fees to XM/Sirius. I listen to those other 2 apps because they're free.