Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Which event would you choose?

Two events want me to give free lessons on Friday night the 22nd of this month. Who do you think I would get more business from, New Horizons or an event at the Tukwilla "Lovers" store? New Horizons will include a link to my website in their next newsletter (the last time their sister organization did this I got 95 hits just from the newsletter link). But Lovers told me there will be 350 women there at their event and that the event is being promoted on MOVIN 92.5 FM.

I'm thinking New Horizons is going to get me more business. It will be a small, intimate lap dance class. Very organized and women only. The event at Lovers is more mainstream but it's really far from Seattle and there will be more women crowding in than we can possibly teach to at once. It will be chaotic and harder work for longer hours. Plus we have to pole dance AND teach, which will be really hard on our bodies. But maybe it will create future opportunities with Lovers, which is a HUGE and successful chain of stores in Washington.

Which event should I choose?

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