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socks and cat


Being pulled in so many directions, just don't know how to use this day. My heart is asking for some quiet me time to sort things. The website needs to be updated. The instructors need e-mails about the new class to be developed. Two organizations want my attention for events on the 22nd. The old e-mails need to be reviewed and dumped. I need to review all my accountant referrals and make a choice. Still don't know how to use the software I'm paying $80 a months for, might be good to actually study that and start using it. Need to order office supplies. Oh yes, and the cat box needs changing. And I have a private lesson at both 4pm and 8pm.


Every time I read your LJ, I want so badly to offer up my services as a Girl Friday.

It's businesses like yours, that will eventually be my target market when I make "Your Girl Friday, Inc" a reality. I have so much background in all sorts of small business fields, that I've decided the only thing I want to do with my life is help them maintain the "small business" feel, while still functioning like a well oiled machine.

I hope when I finally make it a reality, there are still people like you around, that benefit from a "Jill of All Trades".

Honestly, it just makes me sad to see you so stressed and pulled in so many different directions.

Your learning disability and the things it prevents you from doing, are the ONLY things I'm not good at. I have no real "trade", but I actually like it this way.

Obviously this comment has no point, I just needed to share :)