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naked katana

How do I change the font size of the links?

This is the link to the striptease and lap dance lesson page of my website: http://www.poleforthesoul.com/workshops.html Can anyone tell me how to make the links the same font size (font size 3) as the rest of my text? The links always seem to default to font size 2 even when the font around it is size 3.


It's in the CSS file associated with the page. You have "font-size: 12px" all over the place and it is taking precedence over the FONT tag. My understanding is that this is generally considered a bad practice because it is not taking advantage of the cascading portion of Cascading Style Sheets.

You can solve it by changing <a href='..'%gt; to <a style='font-size: medium' href='..'%gt; and then you will have to remove font-size:12px from the CSS file where it says A:hover.

I would have your webdesigner do it just to be safe.
I don't have a web designer right now. And I prefer not to have one as this saves me money and expenses are really high right now. Is there an easier way? I don't understand the %gt; part.
That was a typo on my part, it should be:

<a href='..'>

I will send you updated files but there is a risk that it might cause issues with other parts of your website.
I think I may have figured it out using the html from the home page. Altering it now to make it work for the lap dance page.
Well shoot, I got the code to work for the Soma Yoga link but not the "pole studio in ballard" link. What am I doing wrong?: http://www.poleforthesoul.com/workshops3.html
You mis-spelled font-size, and color.
Fixed the spelling. Still no worky? :(
This is what you have:

style= font-size: 16px color: #ff000; text-decoration; underline:

It needs to be:

style="font-size: 16px; color: #ff0000; text-decoration: underline;"
You are my hero!

Will attempt on the "Click here to choose your own date for private striptease and lap dance lessons" link later after my private lesson coming up in a few minutes.