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socks and cat

Are they on crack at VS?

When I saw this bathing suit in the new Victoria's Secret catalog I knew right away I had to order it. I don't have any need for a bathing suit but I could turn it into a go-go outfit. Then I saw the price. They want $140 for it! Oh helllllssss no! It's not even lined. What the heck or they smoking over there at Victoria's Secret?

Then I saw this suit in the same catalog and thought the same thing: I could make this into a sexy go-go dancing costume. But again, $140. I might pay that much for a sexy gown for a formal event. Heck, I practically did when I purchased that dress from Bebe last month. But $140 for a bathing suit!? Victoria's Secret can bite me.

Also, can we please NOT have models that look 14 years old modeling these sexy suits!?


I kept asking you to go to Juliet when I worked for her so I could get a commission... anyway you can still go to her and get something like that for a helluva lot less... and have plenty to take me out to lunch when you are finished! ...and you'll still feel like you got it for a steal.

And the first model totally looks 14.

Edited at 2010-01-10 11:13 am (UTC)
I tried to go to Juliet, remember? I tried to drive to her place but it wasn't where google maps said it was and I got lost and gave up and drove home.

Both models are the same girl. In the first picture they have photoshopped some cleavage on to her. But in the second picture you can see she doesn't even ave curves yet. By her body shape I would say she might be 12.
Okay... now I can tell it is the same girl. Some women never get hips though. She is definitely young and her face looks like she is a little girl. The fact that she has no curves makes it seem even more so.
I also recommend Juliet. She has great stuff. I got directions to her house from Yahoo. It's in my work territory, and when I got there I discovered a more direct route that would be less complicated. She's just close to a place where the streets change names, depending on which way you go. I can help you with the directions if desired.
What has Juliet made for you? I don't think I've seen any of her stuff other than her stripper outfits.
They weren't items made for me, just stuff she had already made. I have a few rose hip/scarf items for BD, fingerless gloves, and a slip skirt.
lolz....so now they're even ripping off stripper suits!